We will always have a number of special projects we would love to film but need help in raising the funds to get them made. Below you will find the projects that are on our hearts, how much they will cost to make, and how you can donate towards them. We take donations through Paypal - and you have the option to select which project you would like to give towards. 

The Full Book of Joel

After filming our first of the minor prophets (The Book of Jonah) we wanted to continue on with filming books from this section of the Bible. We really love the book of Joel, it is far and away one of the most enigmatic books of the Bible, which is why we are keen to get it on screen to help people engage with a book they may not have spent much time in before. We have already cast this film and are just waiting on funds to go ahead with filming. 

Amount needed to get this project finished - £800