Who We Are

We believe the Bible is living and breathing and has the power to transform people's lives. However, we all know that sometimes it can feel like dry words on a page. We can forget that these were real people, with real lives, struggles and relationships. 

Using the very words of the Bible we create videos which bring those words to life, helping individuals, small groups, churches and communities engage with the text in new ways - even if they have read them before over and over again! 

Our Story:

Living Breath Productions was born in June 2020 in response to the first COVID-19 lockdown. After creating resources for our own churches for online services, we began to realise the growing need for high-quality Bible-based resources which capture people's interest and help increase their understanding of Scripture.  

Susie and Ben found themselves without work at the beginning of the first COVID-19 lockdown. When asked by Susie's vicar to create a Bible reading video for their online service, they decided to use this as an opportunity to get creative! The passage in question was Ezekiel 37 - the Valley of the Dry Bones. Using only what they had in the house to create the set and sound the first Living Breath Video was formed. After an overwhelmingly positive response they decided to create some more for upcoming Easter celebrations. 

A few other churches started to get wind of the work that was being created and Ben and Susie decided to explore the possibilities of launching as a ministry. 

They decided to call themselves Living Breath based on the very first passage they filmed. 

The first hurdle to overcome was the issue of copyright. Early on, Ben and Susie were influenced by a passage in Psalm 84 which says "no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless", so they decided that they would ensure they would not launch without the necessary permissions in place. So they contacted Biblica (the International Bible Society). Not knowing what to expect, they were delighted when Biblica said they loved the videos and were keen to partner with Living Breath and give whatever support they could. 

Since this time, Living Breath has been expanding, working with a growing number of Christian actors and exploring new ways to share and promote the Bible.  

Meet the Team: 

Susie Garvey-Williams 

After graduating from SLP College with a Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre, Susie has worked in various performing settings, including work as an actor, singer, voice over artist and performing arts teacher. Susie is one of the co-founders of Living Breath, and is mainly responsible for all things in-front of camera! Not only is she often featured in our videos, she also works closely with the actors, adapting the text of the Bible to find the right voice for the narrative. She also takes responsibility for the majority of the logistical and practical production work (and has to source an abnormally large quantity of fruit pastilles for our actors). Susie is incredibly passionate about using the arts to share the gospel and serve the church as a whole. She loves to find the depth and  humanity in the characters of the Bible and bring them to life on-screen.  

Benjamin Driver

After graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in Television and Film Production at Teeside University, Benjamin has gone on to work on various film and photography projects up and down the country. This has included commercial work, work for various churches, weddings and events... and even the odd photograph of a racing pigeon! Benjamin is one of the co-founders of Living Breath and is responsible for all the aspects of the production behind the camera! Benjamin has a deep love of the Bible and communicating it with people in a way that they can understand. He is passionate storyteller. He loves to push the artistic boundaries and explore what can be done to best immerse the audience!

Regular Guest Artists:

Gideon Asuming

Carolyn Fairlie